Installation Services



Light Assembly or Installation:

Brendamour Logistics can provide light assembly services and installation using small hand tools or power tools. Installation can be completed on the customer's site. Larger installations will be coordinated to provide the required staff.

Light assembly or installation includes:

  • Product configuration – installing multiple finished products together (plug and play).
  • Assembly – attach multiple pieces together build a final product using hardware, placing shelves in place, adjustments, etc.



Technical Installation:

For larger more complicated installations that requires specialized or technical resources, Brendamour Logistics can provide the required personnel. Each project will be managed to meet your individual requirements.

Technical installation includes:

  • Anchoring to floors, concrete, wood, or any material, to secure safes, ATMs, or other products requiring immobility
  • Placing and/or assembling complicated products
  • Electrical Services
  • Programming/Technical Services