With years of experience working with the best vendors, manufacturers, and service companies we have put together a world-class team of experts, here to service your needs from design to maintenance. When it comes to maintenance and break-fix solutions we offer a solution for any application. 

We are so close to our vendor partners that we have invited one of them to share space with us. Having a repair depot under our roof is a true advantage and saves time, money, and cost. It's all here and ready for when our customers have a need. 


  • Maintenance - Cleaning, adding paper for printers, changing monthly graphics, and updating software is vital to keeping your kiosks up and running. When your machine is down you are losing money and time and it affects your customers too. We work with some of the best in the business and can refer you to a trusted partner who can take care of the details. 

  • Hot Swapping- This is the process of performing service on a kiosk in its location, often it's changing out the computer and keypad or something physical that keeps the kiosk from performing its tasks well. Our in-house partners will get your kiosk back online and perform in top shape. 

  • Replacement Break-Fix is where a kiosk is down and it's not cost-effective to fix the unit on-site, maybe the new kiosk has better functionality or it makes sense to replace the unit so we have less maintenance in the future. Whatever the reason we have preferred the survey and have the technical specifications on the unit, we can seamlessly replace it with very little interruption to service. 

    We offer a full-service solution to your kiosk needs to contact us for a free consultation.


Brendamour Logistics is based in Cincinnati, OH and proudly serves the needs of clients locally and across the globe.

We can be reached by phone at 800-354-9715 Ext. 110 or via email through our website’s secured contact page.