Every kiosk needs a home. Site Location is the process based on extensive knowledge and data-driven research to understand the best location for your kiosk.

Similar to the critical placement of a new business, the kiosk needs to be well marked and highly visible to passersby. It needs to be easy to get to, and out of the flow of traffic. Depending on the function of the kiosk, placement should be a carefully researched combination of visibility, accessibility, and convenience for the consumer.

Brendamour is the leader in the kiosk deployment and logistics industry, we do not perform the site location services but we work daily with experts that do. We know the best in the business who will provide the certified location that makes sense for your kiosk. Let us refer you to a partner with which you will enjoy working.

We offer a full-service solution to your kiosk needs to contact us for a free consultation.


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