Brendamour offers multiple solutions for delivery and installation.

Multi-Stop Truckload Delivery & Installation:

Brendamour built the business by completing multi-stop truckload delivery and installation services using the same installation crews week after week.  This service offering installed over 70,000 Redbox DVD rental units and nearly all of the retail Amazon Lockers currently in service along with all sorts of other kiosks.  The key advantages of this model are overall cost-effectiveness, quality gained from repetition, and the ability to complete accessorial tasks at the same time as the installation (adding candy to a candy dispensing kiosk, adding keys to a key cutting kiosk, light programming, etc.).  Brendamour has completed over 10,000 installations per year since 2005.

Network Of Service Partners:

In 2017, Brendamour began establishing a network of service partners in most major cities.  The network of service partners is an extension of the traditional Brendamour service offering and our used for programs requiring special needs non-confirming to our multi-stop truckload service offering, provide extra capacity as needed, and assist greatly in post-install activities such as relocations and removals.  Our network of service partners has completed over 2,500 installations per year over the last two years.  Important to note, we do NOT train our network of service partners with pdfs and videos.  All training is performed in person with our certified trainers or our own drivers.  Our network of service partners provide the same high level of service as our own installers.


Brendamour Logistics is based in Cincinnati, OH and proudly serves the needs of clients locally and across the globe.

We can be reached by phone at 800-354-9715 Ext. 110 or via email through our website’s secured contact page.