Trade shows are one of the best ways to create professional and personal relationships of trust and then to match that with a showcase of your products, services and most of all your best opportunity to put a face to a name as we are all trying to build professional credibility. Sadly, if your booth and products do not get there on time or in good shape you have lost the opportunity to build these types of relationships.

What you don't need is a trucking company to pick-up your stuff and move it from point A to point B. You need a partner who can handle every aspect of your physical show experience.

A logistics partner who not only moves it to the convention location but takes ownership of your show offering without you having to even be there.

Brendamour has been the logistic expert for years, working with the largest and smallest customers to make sure your booths and displays get there on time and in great condition. We offer white-glove service for you to set up and dismantle, pack and ship your booth to the next location or back to you.


When you have a major rollout of a product or promotion there are so many moving parts a company has to track and watch. Brendamour is an expert in logistics and all of the details related to moving and setting up your promotional display. From end caps to custom displays used to sell almost anything we make the logistics of your rollout seamless.

We take care of the details so you don't have to worry about getting it there. Contact us, we would like to work with you and look forward to a project consultation with one of our experts.

in-store fixture

Retailers of every kind need a logistic partner with a white glove service to pick up, transport and deliver their fixtures. Often you can find someone to transport the displays and merchandise but can that company do it all? Can they set the display up? Can they perform the assembly and make sure each display is ready for your muchading staff?

Brendamour has been doing the logistics for IN-STORE rollouts for years. We have been there to make sure every display and fixture is where it needs to be, we QC every job for the quality and constancy.

Next time you have a roll out to 10 stores or 500 contact the pros at Brendamour, the logistic specialist who will get the job done, on time, and anywhere in North America.

We offer a full-service solution to your kiosk needs to contact us for a free consultation

Brendamour Logistics is based in Cincinnati, OH and proudly serves the needs of clients locally and across the globe.

We can be reached by phone at 800-354-9715 Ext. 110 or via email through our website’s secured contact page.